April 17th, 2007

insane loki


It may seem that I make light of what's going on, but I really am not finding things stressful. It's like I did my big practice lap in 2005 and now with the metastasis I'm at the starting line for the big race. Radiation & medication, then wait a bit before being retested to see how I've responded to treatment. I'm on the first line of treatment here. My doctors have barely scratched the surface of what is available for me. My aunt (non-biological) is 40 years down the road from me, having been in and out of remission for her leukemia and she still has options. (She went on an experimental trial and appears to be in remission again.) I won't say that I'm looking forward to a life of constant testing and the potential of bouncing in & out of remission, but I can think of far worse fates.

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