April 18th, 2007

insane loki

Sleepless night with YouTube

You'd think with all the meds I take that I'd be asleep. Wrong-o! It's 4:30am EST and I'm still awake. I've been laying in bed for 3 hours. I may have slept for a bit here and there, but I sure as hell can't tell. And the day isn't going to be fun. I've got an appointment with my chemo-oncologist at 9:50, radiation at 2:00, then my usual afternoon home with the girls.

Ha ha! Carter just triggered a "Snappy Trainer" trap on the couch. They're these mousetraps with a paddle over the bar. When triggered you hear a "sproing" followed by a "snap". Completely painless to people and animals. He stays off the counters now and we weren't even arming the traps half the time. I really don't mind the dogs on the couches since they're easy to clean (couches and dogs), but it annoys Joe.

My hair started falling out Sunday night. Just a bit on the comb that night. Then on Monday more on the comb. Now I run my hands through my hair and I get hair on my hands. It's still not much, but it doesn't make me happy. The question now will be how much hair will I lose. Maybe Joe & I will stop at the fabric store before getting the girls so I can pick up cloth for bandanas/do-rags. I think the dogs ate most of my old ones.

Since I'm awake and somewhat annoyed with the non-sleep/hair falling out thing, I will totally depress you with two videos friends posted from YouTube.

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Ooops! It was Remo that set off the trap on the couch. He's still there though. I wonder if he'll start yowling when I head back to the bedroom with the dogs.
insane loki

Ravening steriods, lack of sleep and one I just found

Yes, all of my current problems are due to medication. Hot flashes & night sweats from Lupron. An appetite my chemo-oncologist describes as "ravenous" from the Dexadron. And the sleep troubles too. I start weaning off the steroids this week, but he wants me to take the meds in the morning, hoping that it may let me get some sleep. I got an hour between appointments today at least and I'm going to go lay down in a few. This unsweetened iced tea I got at Publix is really hitting the spot - even if Joe grudges me the 30 seconds it took to dispense it.

I know he was in a good mood earlier today, because he sent me this: The Landlord. It's mostly work friendly because of the subtitles. There's a part of me that is totally freaked that a kid was taught this dialog. But it is soooooo damn cute.