April 20th, 2007

insane loki

Radiation complete

Time does fly. Then again, 2 1/2 weeks isn't really that long. But I'm done with radiation treatment. Now I settle into a 2 week cycle - chemo-oncologist visit, radiation oncologist visit, then back to chemo-onc. The chemo-onc is a monthly thing for a while. I need a monthly injection of Lupron to keep my ovaries firmly in the "off" position. I'll also be getting a 15 IV infusion of Zometa. It's a bisphosomate that will repair and protect my bones from cancer, especially for the cranial tumor. And considering that I'm getting kicked into premature menopause, it probably will help with bone-density loss. (Feel free to step in and explain it all, toxins.)

I'll be getting new scans in about 6 weeks to see the effects of treatment on the tumors. Happy thoughts everyone!

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I'll be weaning myself off my mega-steroids starting tomorrow, so I should see my appetite decreasing. Doesn't change the fact that I want a salad, rare steak and baked potato right now, though.