June 4th, 2007

insane loki

The way-ay-ting...

OK, side effects suck. Primary effects suck too. The true suckage is when the doctors can't figure out which is which and what to do. And all I am is uncomfortable, in pain, cranky and eventually chewed out when I don't complain. So here we go again. Into the chemo onc today.

Light-headedness when standing up from sitting position: check. Solution? Put me back on mega-steroids. Problem fixed? Nope. Worse now and affecting my equilibrium and ability to walk.

Funky gastric thing where food/drink hits my esophasgus and I have snort, exhale or belch to get past it: check. Solution? Lozenges that can be obtained from only one pharmacy in town. I'll be snorting, exhaling and belching for a day or two more I guess.

Constant pain in upper right quadrant of abdomen: check. Solution? It doesn't appear to be my liver. (Yay!) Of all things, it's possibly a gall stone. This is actually a problem I had before the first onset of cancer, but never to this degree. Solution? CT and other scans.

Oh yes, the lovely abdominal CT scan. And the waiting. I have 10 minutes left in which I can eat anything. After that I have to suck down a bottle of some barium complex. I can drink very small amounts for the rest of the evening. Then, at 8:30am tomorrow, I have to dump a large vial of some contrast material into a very large insulated container of a cold beverage and drink almost all of it by 10am. Sprite and OJ were recommended as the mixer.

After all this, I hit the grocery store to buy food to eat before my 7:30pm deadline. Of course, my chronic ab pain is nasty, having consumed a sub, 2 brownies, a container of banana pudding, 3 bottles of water, a vanilla bean frappuchino and some almonds. One more something and then I'll chug down some barium. Blech.

I should scan results by Wednesday. Toodles.
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