June 5th, 2007

insane loki

Contrast mediums

That 7:30pm dose last night sucked. It could have used a bit more vanilla and maybe a bit of some sweetening. It wasn't too chalky though and I've drunk worse tasting booze in my life. Thankfully, I was allowed to sip small amounts of water during the evening. I figured on taking a little nap (like you would never guess that), but woke up around 1am. Decided to go back to bed.

This morning's dose is actually quite drinkable with a bit of OJ, tangerine and flat Sprite. Getting the quantity down will prove more trouble than the flavor.

Semi-useful Woot today for those of you who follow it.

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3 CT Scans, no waiting

Poor Joe.

wihtgar may suffer from pangs of guilt, but when it comes to the sacrifices my hubby makes for me, I have major guilt trips.

Given the information of "3 CT scans today and a 2pm surgeon appointment", my beloved husband took the day off. The girls have been doing well on their own. Sarah admitted today that 90% of their squabbling is for our benefit. (Doesn't sound like us, marjai.) I'm not 100% comfortable leaving them alone, but TOH was home and she is more than capable of beating my kids if needed.

Since Joe took the day off, I went into the CT scan very close to 10am and was out within 15 minutes. I really am in a hermit mode, mostly because of discomfort, but we both needed to pick up a few minor things and took advantage of it. So, we did a Target/PetSmart/Michaels run. Target is one of our "danger" stores, since we can always find something to buy, even if we really don't need it. So we walked in, bought the one thing we "needed" (C cell batteries) and picked up a few things we can use. (Like a bigger pill box for me. I don't take all my meds at night now and they aren't fitting well in my old pill box.) PetSmart = dog food. I don't know why Joe refused a cart and insisted on carrying 70 pounds of dog food through the store, but that's his business. Michaels was a total bust on the yarn I need more of to work on my scarf.

We were home by 11ish and after eating a brownie and 2 cookies, I took a nap. (Should I even bother commenting on my copious sleeping abilities any more?) Got up around 1:15ish to grab a banana and bottle of water before heading out to my 2pm surgeon appointment. Once again, in & out within 30 minutes. While we were on the same side of town as earlier, we knew that one of the items I needed would be found across the street. And since we were there, may as well hit up other stores for the stuff we hadn't bought. Megacomics yielded the Magic cards Livs needs for a birthday party on Thursday. Joe found the battery tester we desperately need at Home Depot. But neither Crafts 'n Stuff or JoAnn's Fabrics carries the yarn I need. Blah. No biggie. I just went to JoAnn's online site and found exactly what I needed. Why my local stores carry either the color in the wrong weight or the right weight in the wrong color is beyond me.

Oh, I never did say, did I?

I had CT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. Should hear back with results tomorrow. Also forgot to say that now my chemo oncologist thinks the light-headedness/equilibrium problem is a side-effect of the radiation. But are they taking me off the steroids? Nope. I've gained 5 pounds in less than a week. Not happy.
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