June 6th, 2007

insane loki

A poll that sucks

Poll #998228 A poll that sucks.

New CT scans reveal cancer in:

Gall Bladder
Small Intestine
I am a medical professional of some sort who can make an educated guess

I'm a bit shy on details right now and really don't feel a need to know more. I have oncology appointments for next week anyway. My dosage of steroids is upped again along with more Prilosec. I'm not having the funky hiccup/burp/breathe in thing any more - at least one good thing. Gavescone tastes nasty, but does help with the discomfort. For the moment chemotherapy is the #1 treatment on the list. I really don't want more surgery right now, and it's better to wait and see if chemo will do anything.

Maybe it's time to start some visualization exercises. Except right now it's "The 300" running through my mind (haven't seen the movie though) and I don't think that's a good one. Silverado... Bab 5... other suggestions always welcomed.
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Bad news polls are bad?

I thought making it a poll might exude some sort of light-heartedness or joi-de-vie. Guess not. But keep guessing on the latest organ to join the metastasis parade!

I did leave a message for my radiation oncologist to check the scans and call me. She's far better for accurate and helpful information. I'm not due to see her until next week, but I'd rather get some info today or tomorrow than wait. Her staff is great - the receptionist was totally on the ball with my current mental state, will get the scans (if they don't have them already - I told the imaging group to send them yesterday), and hopefully I'll hear something soon. More news when I know it.
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