June 12th, 2007

insane loki


Had my "second opinion" with my new chemotherapy oncologist. None of us were in any doubt that I'd be changing doctors.

The liver cancer is far more extensive than I expected. So far, the organs effected are bone, brain, lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Instead of a single drug for chemo, I'll going on two - the Doxil I started 2 weeks ago and back to Taxotere. Taxotere was the drug in my 2nd round of chemo the last time and the drug I had problems with. At least this time I know to stay hydrated, take Lomodil and whine when necessary.

I'm due to go in for a PET scan, MRI and some sort of pulmonary test this week. The heart test is to check for damage from one of the drugs in my original round of chemo (Cytoxin or Epirubicin - I think the latter). All this scheduled around dentist and orthodontic appointments with the girls. My radiation oncologist canceled tomorrow's appointment, but I suspect she'll want to see me some time next week.

New chemo oncologist agrees that the steroids are too much and set me on a strict weaning schedule. I should be completely steroid free in about 4 weeks.

I'm feeling blah in general - not great but not "I'm gonna stay in bed all day". I've got most of Sarah's Kairi cosplay outfit done. I think I've done a decent job and Sarah seems to like what I've finished. Not bad for a woman who claims she can't sew...

Off to play Nexus with the hubby for a bit. More news later.