June 13th, 2007

insane loki

This side of 9AM

Nocturnal... yah yah

Lately, I've been getting up before 9AM. It's no one's fault - the dogs go out, get fed, and tend to get barky. Joe moves around the house and sometimes wakes me up. The kids are staying up later, and I'm just not staying up as late as I used to. Unsurprisingly, steroids effect sleep, but I'm not really too upset about being awake.

I'm doing a bit of cleaning - or rather Scooba is. I was just going to do the hallway, but the blasted robot ignored the virtual wall and ventured into the breakfast nook. The floor wasn't prepped, so it's gonna be a mess in there. I'll need to clean and recharge the bugger, then set up non-virtual walls (i.e. chairs) and do both again.

The bottoms of my feet are still cracking open. My major problem is that I have 2 semi-incontinent cats. Thankfully, they limit themselves to non-carpet areas, but I still have to clean constantly. I got excited last night when I found an 8-pack of paper towels under my bathroom sink.

I've never really been a sock person, but when my feet are cracked open, dirty floors are not good. Not to mention that the socks hold in the moisturizer I use. So I went to put on a pair of socks today. They were all the rage in the 80s. They're freakin' 20 years old. The sock drawer overfloweth, so I think these guys will be history later tonight.
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