August 1st, 2007

insane loki

Here I yam!

Everything's fine - all things being relative...

No new news on the cancer front. I have appointments tomorrow and will post when I can.

I've been sleeping 18-22 hours a day. The few hours I've been awake were devoted to catching up and finishing the Harry Potty series. Didn't thing much of the last book but we can discuss that later.

Depending on things, I may being going with the family to an anime convention in Orlando this weekend. We're leaning towards the "unlikely" but I'm thinking about it.

Beyond the sleep thing, current side effects are minor, but enough to keep me from using my hands and eating a whole lot. So much for sitting on the couch and using my inkle loom. Typing is tough too, hence the lack of updates.

yak with you later
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