August 22nd, 2007

insane loki

The 300

The 300 is not the worst movie to which I could equate this whole cancer thing - especially if I get to play the Persians... :)

After a very depressing appointment with my new chemo onc two weeks ago, we also planned to change chemo drugs. He also he ordered a full body CT scan. Only bad thing about that is having to drink all the prep crap.

Last Friday I got the call from him. My blood work showed a 300 point drop in my met levels - down to the 500s from 800s. EAT THAT YOU SPARTAN WOOSIES!!! The CT scan showed a definite degradation of the tumors in my lungs and liver. Now some of that may be due to the 10 days of pelvic radiation I'd just finished to deal with the spinal tumors, but I couldn't help feeling better.

I'm still having issues with my equilibrium and hydration. And my blood pressure is all over the place (on the low end). I had day one of chemo yesterday and went in for day two today. I told them about my latest equilibrium problems - so much for chemo today. I did get another liter of IV fluids and some meds that are supposed to help.

In usual fashion, I had another equilibrium "episode" on the way out of the doctor's office. I only had three nurses (and Joe) hovering around me. The whole thing has landed me in a wheelchair, that should be delivered tomorrow. I asked for the smallest they have... And of course I have to go in for a cranial MRI. Bleh.

Gooooooooo Persians!!!!
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