September 7th, 2007

insane loki

Blame Scotty


I've had a great three days - got up at reasonable times and in bed at semi-reasonable times. Minimal side effects since I got meds for my ulcerated mouth on Tuesday. I appear to be maintaining my weight - on the low end of the scale. I'm just not hungry very much.

I had a good weekend at Coronation, hanging out with Farflung and having folks find me. Nothing like a wig to throw Alex off. (Yes, we beat the karma train indeed my friend, but that's another story.)

I shopped in-town and online, picking up the usual crap. Target is a very dangerous store for me.

Since Joe figured it out, I can talk about it here: I had my black/grey right armband tatoo redone. It's now a vine in black & greens. To be even more specific, it's Kudzu in the spring. Personally, I don't think I can call it a "new" tatoo because it's not new - just recolored with a few sprouts added. Joe disagrees and says it's "new" because it wasn't green before. We both agree that it looks better now. I'm in the peeling stage and being very careful not to pick at it. Unfortunately, I left my prescription moisturizer at Coronation and can't refill it yet. I'll need the stuff next week after chemo.

The latest MRI shows areas of swelling where the original tumors were. Unfortunately, it also shows new tumors developing, though none is over 1 cm in size. After much discussion, my oncologists have concurred that it is best for me to finish out chemo before going back to radiation of my brain. On another positive note, since the pelvic radiation, my back feels great! Then again, I'm still on loads of painkillers. I'm sure we'll have a nice discussion about that on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend everyone