October 3rd, 2007

insane loki


Chemo tomorrow and I did NOT get a "good" week. My hands and feet are still shredded. The best I managed was a bit of weaving on my inkle, and now I hate the pattern. (My fault really - I'm supposed to reverse the leashes every few rows and I know I can't do that right now. At least I'm getting experience doing it.) I've found a load of embroidery and tablet & inkle loom patterns I want to try, but I keep insisting that I finish a project first. Which I can't do.

Back on more steroids. My blood pressure is staying under control, but apparently my hands are a serious issue. Also of issue is the swelling where tumors used to be...

The night before chemo is the best time to get a food I crave/want since my taste buds, mouth and throat can usually handle it. No big surprise that Joe got sent out for Sonny's BBQ. There's better in town, but it's convenient and tasty. When Joe went to play DDO, he was having sound issues, so I left my food on the table in full view of the girls. I return to find no children and a dog's face in my dinner. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. Remind me to collapse on the couch next time you need me to do something your father can't. Like fix the Internet.

Ice packs are in the chest freezer. Lowering blood circulation to my extremities is supposed to help with the hands, but it didn't last time. I'm told it's a build-up of the drug that causes it in my system. At least it gives me an excuse to lay on the couch all day and night to watch TLC/DISC/ANIML shows.

More when I get blood results. Last one blew me out of an anemia study - red cell count was too high.

ToH taught me how to give myself subcutaneous injections. She & I offered to teach Joe, who didn't quite blanch at the idea. And we both know which spouse would have no problem smearing the hemorrhoid cream where it needs to go...