October 5th, 2007

insane loki

No pain = no pain

First, I blame h_postmortemus for introducing me to Woot! I only have myself to blame for .sellout.woot though.

I just learned on Wednesday that being on narcotics while driving is considered DUI. Joe didn't know either. I'd say that the advantage of not being allowed to drive outweighs the disadvantages, but there are times when I just get really stir-crazy. And when I get stir-crazy I buy things. On the Internet. Especially toys I can't use like a Garmin car navigator. Nothing says "WOOT!" like $5 shipping. I'm really trying to avoid spending money, but all the crap I bought to keep me busy is going unused because my hands are still covered in dead skin and are starting to get painful.

Chemo was uneventful and shorter than usual. My white cell counts were good and my standing/sitting blood pressure was good so I didn't have to spend an extra 90 minutes getting a litre of fluid.

After months of looking, I finally found soft cotton gloves and finger-tip protectors at the CVS this evening. (I take the painkillers at night so 12:30am before I down them is a good time to shop.) Maybe I'll be able to work on my inkle loom and pin the hem on my viking jacket. I've got some dog, rabbit and ram patterns I really want to take a stab at (ar ar), along with some work on the inkle and tablet looms (need to figure out how to do a 3/1 twill on the tablet once I get practice in.)

And here I am, in front of the PC, distracted away from TV just to check on the Woot Off! and find myself doing a LJ post. rah.

Right now, my oncologist is guessing at 10 treatments. He's calling my last chemo my 5th treatment. No biggie. It's really not that bad except for the usual side effects. I should be done with chemo by the end of the year, with CT scans every two months for a while. Last I checked, I'll get handed off to my radiation oncologist to evaluate further treatment. So the rest of life looks like it will be: remission - CT & MRI scan - chemo and/or radiation until in remission - lather, rinse, repeat. As long as I have sedation for those nasty cranial, chest and pelvic exams, I'll be fine. And Xanax don't cut it.

Oh and the "no pain" part? My back doesn't hurt any more. I'm weaning myself off the narcotics, down to about a quarter of what I was taking at its worse. The bad part is that my balance of "sleepy" drugs to "awake" drugs is massively skewed right now. I'm pretty much flipped nocturnal now. See kids before they go to school, stay up for an hour or two, eat, watch TV, go back to bed about the time they get home. The ear plugs may have something to do with that...