October 17th, 2007

animated cowbell

eBay & Amazon

... have nothing on Woot!

When your house is filled with tiny and medium sized Woot! boxes... When you find 4 Woot! boxes outside the front door you never use... When you stay up until 1AM to see if the sellout.woot is any good... (and there's been some good/useful stuff there lately)...

But when your husband calls to tell you to order that $99 Zune (in white and we don't want iPods), and while you're at it, go to sellout.woot and order 2 cases because his co-worker got a Woot! Zune, but didn't get a case...

I think it's a marital problem.

And I should just go to bed earlier.

At least the network is working, my Io pen is fun to play with (a Woot! purchase of course) and the dogs are behaving ok. And I'll get re-hydrated in the late morning, with a check on if anything can be done for my hands. (They feel a bit better today, but Joe & Livs had to move and rewire her PC for me since I couldn't do it.)
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