October 27th, 2007

insane loki

Bluetooth help?

Edit: The problem was with the Jabra. I have 2 and the other one worked. But a question remains: So what?

As of a week or three ago, I did not have a single Bluetooth device in my home. Seriously. All the problems I was having with a wired/wireless network was enough. My new Netgear router has me all warm and fuzzy inside since IT WORKS. I think the adults here have seen the last of our kids screwing up the sound on the PCs when we're just trying to get ready for gaming night.

So now... Bluetooth. Short question version: Can a Bluetooth USB 1.2 dongle "talk" to a Jabra 1.2 Headset. And if so, how? I have installation CDs for both items and can probably find newer drivers if necessary. (I'm having pairing issues with the Jabra - I'll find someone with a Bluetooth device and check if the Jabra is my problem.)

It's all a bit moot since our cell phones do not have Bluetooth - speaker phone works for me. I can't wait to start driving again though - I'm thinking about wiring my car to handle all the devices. Easy job. So far I've got cell, MP3, Garmin and radio hopper (for MP3) set up, though I can only use 3 at a time. Fun fun!
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