November 3rd, 2007

insane loki

2 more family-less nights

Joe & Sarah aren't due home until Sunday. I knew the when they left Thursday. Livs, on the other hand, just pulled one of her not uncommon Macintosh weekends. Sometimes she and her friend just can't stand each other, and it's only a day. Then other times, they have such a great time that everyone just wants her to stay. Her friend's Mom and her friends are great people and I'm very glad that they like Livs so much. Through them she has been exposed to things that Joe and I could never give her.

So another night at home.

I ran errands last night. Picked up most of what I needed, including Chinese for dinner. Big mistake. My mouth is doing better so, but all the food tasted wrong. And for some odd reason I'm craving sweets. This is not normal for me. JoAnns had "Halloween Peeps" of ghosts and pumpkins on clearance. Peeps taste exactly the way they should. I've been a good girl and haven't eaten an entire package yet. I picked up a ton of frozen ice-cream related stuff, only to find that my teeth aren't handling cold very well. At least I have a dozen donuts left.

Otherwise, it's same old, same old, around here. Except for my entire family not being here. And I know that as soon as they're all here, they will drive me nuts. Ah... motherhood. :)
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