November 5th, 2007

fsm pirate

Thumb fungus

Well, that explains why my right thumb has been hurting since mid-week. With the exception of the 3 months before my wedding, I don't do the fake nail thing. Before my feet went wonky, I got regular pedicures. I keep my nails short - they tend to split so I cut and file them. And I rarely put nail polish on them.

But now my finger and toe nails are looking like tree ring sections. A "professional" could probably track what medication/chemo I was taking when the nail grew. No point in going to my manicurist - about all they can do is trim and paint my nails, and I'm capable of doing that. Which I did. And then my thumbnail started hurting, like I'd slammed it in a door or with a hammer. So I took the nail polish off. And my nail is green.

The two big home cures are Vic's Vapor Rub and Vinegar. Vinegar I've got and I doubt that soaking in it will harm me. I needed to call my chemo onc's nurse once the office opens to discuss this cold I seem to have and get a refill for my mouth rinse. I guess I'll be adding nail fungus to the list.

Ah, the joys of being immuno-compromised
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