November 7th, 2007

insane loki

Physicals, thumbs and my couch

Sarah had her physical today. Everything is fine and she's in great health. But her doctor noticed something: She has very, very faint patches of (for lack of a better term)) pigment below her neck and on her arms. If you're familiar with Vitiligo (which Michael Jackson claims to have and IMHO doesn't), it's kind of the reverse. As soon as Dr. K mentioned it, I pulled down my collar. Under certain lighting conditions, Sarah, Livs and I look like we haven't washed our necks.

Joe got home from Tallahassee early evening. I told him about this, and he asks, "Like this?" He has it around his ankles. I've noticed it on him before, but never gave it any thought. Now I have to get glucose testing for Sarah because the condition could indicate something more serious.

I showed Dr. K my thumb while I was there. According to her, I have a bacterial infection and from the tip of my thumb to the first joint is infected. I've already talked to my chemo onc's nurse. I'll see someone tomorrow after they do my CBCs and get it lanced. Not going to be a fun day.

One of these days, I'll get around to taking a picture of my nest, aka. the left-side of the couch. I've got a nice little set up - couch, end table and part of the coffee table. Once settled, I tend to stay there, beyond the occasional foray for food and potty breaks. Oh, and computer use. The only bad thing about my nest is that when I fall asleep on it (giving Joe a reprieve from my chain saw snoring), the fabric hurts my elbows. Yup, the whole hand and mouth side-effect of Doxil is on my elbows too. Blech.
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