November 13th, 2007

insane loki

Short and too many sweets

Yes, we have Halloween candy left. Want some?

Collapse )

Oh crap. I just got derailed into checking on spores or something in unprocessed honey.Collapse )

4) I spend entirely too much money on things I really don't need. Why buy stuff for my car when I have to minimize my driving?

5) I overdid it this weekend with cleaning and such, so my hands are a complete mess and really bad today. I have a chemo onc appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what everyone wants to do.

6) On my old schedule, I would have chemo today. Which would suck since my hands & feet didn't do much healing. Instead, I have a CBC draw and meet with my doctor.

7) I should borrow one of Joe's timers. Whenever I get on the PC, time flies. For everything else, it seems to creep.

That's enough for now I think. Later!


7) I have a cold.
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