December 27th, 2007

insane loki

Two birthdays, three major holidays, and an anniversary later

Can I stop to breathe now? How about losing the grumpiness. I bah-humbugged my way through S's b-day (14 now), and Thanksgiving (and thank you K for the yummy cooking), and L's b-day(age 10). This ushers in the "mega" part of our winter holiday season, complete this year with virtually no assistance from me. But at least Sarah found Joe's present under her bed.

Joe stepped up for, well, everything. If he'd stop trying to quantify cooking, he could make damn good Podvarek. (Sorry - I was sleeping and didn't post the sauerkraut-stuffed turkey recipe. I did last year and I think madshutterbug cross-posted last year. Recipe available on request... posted right here.)

A few years ago was "The eBay X-mas", where a list of beanie babies, amphetamines, PayPal, and ignorance of "BUY IT NOW!!!, conspired to keep me awake for a week. (All to keep from driving 2 hours south to an outlet mall.) This year was the "Woot! X-mas", in which cheap shipping, crap items and "You cannot drive until we say otherwise", resulted in my daughters getting power drivers. Thankfully, their father filled for me.

I really should take the rest of my meds and lay down. Remo is still sick. If I can't get a vet drop-off for the morning, I'll move him into my bed for a few hours so I clean the couch. (It's that icky sinus smell, but I don't want him laying around in Febreze or damp cushions once I steam 'em.

Off to check Woot! (Damn you all! We've been talking about getting a laptop as I got sicker and tonight's Woot! is one. I won't give in though. First, this ain't a cheap Chinese socket set and I need to do major research for this.

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