December 29th, 2007

insane loki

Good day

My nocturnal self was awoken at 8am this morning, by a rep from one of my credit cards wanting payment.  I've been having problems with dropped payments since Quicken auto-updated to the latest version, and won't let me downgrade.  I'm still recovering from that and trying to get things closer to how it used to be.

Oddly, instead of getting pissed off by the 8am call, I took care of things, but didn't go back to bed.  It's now after five and I'm hovering around waiting for J to finish his workout so we can go get food.  I can't say I've accomplished anything today - just another "little things" day.  But I found the crochet pattern stuff I misplaced, and can get started on some projects once I pick up supplies.  Crochet is good since once I've started, I find it very easy to pick up and put down.  S has some cosplay thing she wants to do for L.  Since it involves plaid fabric, she has carte blanche.  :)  We easily agreed on where to eat - not a normal thing when S is involved.  (L's  off to ATL with tVs)  I'm hungry and my tummy/hydration issues aren't bothering me. 
Hence the "hovering". 

Definitely a good day here.  Even when you get nothing done.