January 3rd, 2008

insane loki


Can I just feel good for a week?

I've got that damn reflux under my diaphragm again.  And I'm sleeping all wrong.  I'd like to make Ste. Benet's on Friday, but who knows if I'll be awake.  And with all the excess weight, no clue if my garb still fits.  I have no idea what I'm supposed to bring besides myself.

Maybe I should just finish my brown long coat.
insane loki


It's below freezing here in Baja Jorja.  The house may be toasty, and my knees aren't hurting.  (Not that I can't fix that.)  If the weather is like this (or the other extreme), I'll be totally in a hotel for Gulf Wars.  Not my idea of "camping", but better than being dehydrated.  I just wish I could get a schedule going so I can get garb and stuff made.
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