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So that's where I left my blog!

It's been a while since I wrote anything and enough folks have complained about it, so I guess it's time to update this.

I can't really say that life has been too busy. I just honestly haven't been in a mood to write lately. Still, my life, as it always was before, has its bouts of business and calmness. Not that today, or the past few days have been anything but not busy...

I rank promoted to Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do two weeks ago. I've been having some back problems so I haven't been doing as much TKD as I should. We've got a new scheduling problem, but we should be able to keep the girls on track for their 1st degree Black Belt testing in June, Joe for his 2nd degree testing in December and my rank promotion to Brown in April.

Livs just started baseball with the city of Archer, playing for the Archer Eagles. Her bi-weekly practices are the same nights we did TKD. For the moment, we'll shift to Tuesday/Thursday classes, and still have Friday & Saturday for any problems. She's had two practices so far and is enjoying herself.

We went out this evening after practice to grab some dinner and pick up some equipment Livs needed. Heading down Williston Road, Joe winged a deer. The deer made it across the road, but most likely won't survive. While I feel badly about this, it's tempered by the fact that the deer managed to shatter the front of our new car. Newly added to my list of things to do: Contact the Honda dealership and see how much getting the Bambi-impact fixed is going to cost.

I've gotten back into the SCA and with it Rapier Combat. Fighting takes up a few hours on Sunday, and I'm enjoying myself immensely. Don Roibeard and I weren't really feeling up to major work this past Sunday, so we just did a lot of footwork drills with staves and my intro to buckler/epee work. I need to put in an order with Zen Armory for supplies, plus make the equipment I need so I can give back the loaner gear.

I daytripped an event over the weekend just north of Ocala. It was a nice fast drive from the house to get to a small local event, held by the Shire just south of us. The equestrian folks came out, so I got to see what the SCA is doing with horses for the first time. Rather tame overall, but being a beginner rider, I know that it's far harder than it looks. The local group there is working on fixing up the site for more equestrian events and are already trading work for riding. I'm going to try and help out when I can, assuming I can squeeze it into what is turning into a busy weekend schedule.

I've started playing DDO - Dungeons & Dragons Online. That's why folks haven't seen me around on DAoC for a while. I keep planning to hit some DAoC raids, but then get sucked into DDO.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Joe's frothing about getting 3rd level on some DDO characters and would love it if I stopped blogging and started playing...
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