Inertia Personified (chaosloki) wrote,
Inertia Personified

Stupid Loki tricks

Go to Chemotherapy on Wednesday. Stand up to get a soda for self and cup of ice for neighbor. Feel light-headed, and spin to place buttocks back on big comfy chair. Misjudge spin and impact with your Chemo onc, who provides a convenient slide to into his lap. Now have a seizure.

Guaranteed to have you whisked across the street to the Hospital

I always thought that staying for "observation" meant the nurses just checked in on you every few hours after you ate... it doesn't. It means, "we'll keep reheating your food until they finish running every test they can think of, and then some more a colleague recommended. They gloss over this in all those Discovery/Science channel medical shows, conveniently skipping the 6 weeks the patient has been stuck in that damn room.

They also take you off every medication, strip it all down to steroids and then add things back one, by one (unless "as needed for 'X'").

Now if I can just get the hubby to unwrap me from the cotton. I can use it to some extent, but if I'm already crouched or laying on the floor, it's too late.

Now I have 3 days worth of mail to go through, 90% of which is packages and bills. I will be getting a ton of nasty "PAYMENT DUE" mail this month.
Tags: cancer, me

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